1st Austrian Workshop on Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging

The 1st Austrian Workshop on Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) Imaging will take place on March 2nd, 2017 at the Vienna Biocenter, IMP Lecture Hall.  Please save the date!

The workshop initiative aims to unite the Austrian and Czech imaging community and focus on problems and solutions associated with high field imaging and ultra short echo time imaging. This initiative also aims to foster research collaborations, methodologies, staff training, staff exchange and networking activities. Everybody is welcome to attend. No registration is required, but please RSVP to this e-mail if you are planning to attend so we know in advance how many people will attend the lunch.

The first meeting will be unique opportunity to discover what UTE imaging is all about, what benefits it might have for your research, meet the experts in the field and interact with colleagues with similar interests.

Workshop programme:

9:00–9:15Andreas Berg, PhD, Medical University Vienna, Austria: "MR-microimaging using Ultrashort Time Encoding (UTE) Pulse Sequences on a 7T Siemens Scanner: Quality control and artefacts
9:30–9:45Peter Latta, PhD, Central European Institute of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic: "Pulse sequence development for ultrashort  echo  time imaging
9:45–10:30Coffee break
10:30–10:45Clemens Diwoky, PhD , University of Graz, Austria: "Calibrations and corrections in 3D radial UTE imaging"
11:15–11:30Zenon Starčuk, PhD, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Furthermore, the first meeting will take part in the framework of the RIAT-CZ Interreg AT-CZ project what will give us the opportunity to meet our Czech cross-border colleagues from CEITEC, the Masaryk University, the Brno University of Technology VUT etc.