Multispectral 3D Plant Imaging Workshop

For the workshop, PHENOSPEX visited the VBCF with their new PlantEye F500 device and performed multispectral 3D scans of the participants’ samples.

The plants were grown at the VBCF PlantS Facility and scanned one day before the workshop. (seeds were provided by the participants in advance). Hands-on data analysis as well as  was a follow-up discussion of derived results was performed during the workshop and on the second day at individual meetings.

“PlantEye F500 is a 3D laser scanner combined with multispectral information. It generates 3D point clouds of plants in high resolution and combines it on the fly with a 4-channel multispectral camera in the range of 400-900nm. This unique sensor fusion concept delivers spectral information for each data point and automatically computes a diverse set of validated morphological plant parameters.”

Poster for download is HERE.