Project Outputs

Main Project Outputs:

  • Establishing of cross-border knowledge base for effective management, operation, and development of RI

  • Improved knowledge on the newest trends in Bio- and nanotechnologies in the region

  • Access to the RI for external users

  • Improved knowledge of the partnering institutions

Project information to download

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Core Facilities Information


Core Facility Profile Card

CEITECBiomolecular Interactions and Crystallization
Cellular Imaging Core Facility
Cryo-electron Microscopy and Tomography
Genomics Core Facility
Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory
CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure
Nanobiotechnology Core Facility
Plant Sciences Core Facility
New Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics
VBCFAdvanced Microscopy
Bioinformatics & Scientific Computing
Electron Microscopy
Next Generation Sequencing
Plant Sciences
Preclinical Imaging
Preclinical Phenotyping
Protein Technologies
IST AustriaElectron Microscopy
Nanofabrication Facility
Plant Facility
FNUSA – ICRCAnimal Center