Past Events connected with Project

Kick-off Meeting

The first meeting of project parners took place in Vienna on 14th November 2016.

The catalogue of services that will be jointly offered to corporations and academic institutions will be compiled by CEITEC Masaryk University, VBCF Research Institute of Vienna and three other partners. CEITEC MU has obtained financing for the pilot project that will enable more efficient use of the technological equipment, knowledge and experience in the field of life and material sciences from Interreg AT-CZ, the programme supporting cross-border collaboration.

More Information is HERE.

Practical workshops on the TSE systems: IntelliCage, PhenoMaster & MotoRater

Dear  Colleagues, It is our pleasure to invite you to AC Workshop 2018.
This Workshop gives us an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, share knowledge and start or revive collaborations.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Olomouc!

Contact & registration:  Marta Duchonova (
Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (IMTM) 
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry 
Palacky University 
Hněvotínská 1333/5 779 00 Olomouc Czech Republic GPS: 49° 35‘ 10.1869512“ N, 17° 14‘ 6.292305“ E


1st Austrian Plant Phenotyping Network (APPN) Meeting

1st Austrian Plant Phenotyping Network (APPN) Meeting took place on March 10th 2017 at the Vienna Biocenter, IMP Lecture Hall. More infromation is HERE and meeting programme is HERE (PDF).

The 1st Austrian Workshop on Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging 

The 1st Austrian Workshop on Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) Imaging took place on March 2nd, 2017 at the Vienna Biocenter, IMP Lecture Hall. Please save the date!

The workshop initiative aims to unite the Austrian and Czech imaging community and focus on problems and solutions associated with high field imaging and ultra short echo time imaging.

1st Plant Sciences Core Facility Meeting  

The 1st Plant Sciences Core Facility Meeting took place on April 11th 2017 at the CEITEC. It was the first opportunity to introduce this newly established CEITEC Core Facility to the potential users. Close cooperation in the field of the plant grow and phenotyping between CEITEC and VBCF has been officially started by this event.

CEITEC Nano Open day for academic users – 28th March 2017

We invite you to CEITEC Nano Open day for new academic users. Within the open day we will explain how to get an access to the infrastructure, demonstrate its equipment and explain available services for nonlocal users.

RNA-Seq Hands-on Workshop

Hands-on workshop in RNA Seq took place on May 10 – 11th 2017 at the CEITEC Genomics Core Facility. Atendees of this workshop had the opportunity to hear about Sample Quality Control , mRNA Library Preparation and Quality Control and also about Sequencing data Quality Control.

Poster in PDF is HERE.

Best Practices for Behavioural Screening and Metabolic Measurements on Rodents

One of the first outcomes of joint collaboration Preclinical Phenotyping Core Facility – pcPHENO from Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF, Austria) and Animal Center – AC (from FNUSA-ICRC, Czech Republic) under the RIAT-CZ project (called “Creating synergies between research infrastructures to stimulate innovation in the cross-border region”) took place on May 23th 2017 in FNUSA-ICRC, Brno.

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Modern Techniques in Molecular Biology and Genome Engineering

Lectures and practical course organized by the VBCF Core facility Protein Technologies for the participants from the cross/border region

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Multispectral 3D Plant Imaging Workshop

For the workshop, PHENOSPEX visited the VBCF with their new PlantEye F500 device and performed multispectral 3D scans of the participants’ samples.

The plants were grown at the VBCF PlantS Facility and scanned one day before the workshop. (seeds were provided by the participants in advance). Hands-on data analysis as well as  was a follow-up discussion of derived results was performed during the workshop and on the second day at individual meetings.

“PlantEye F500 is a 3D laser scanner combined with multispectral information. It generates 3D point clouds of plants in high resolution and combines it on the fly with a 4-channel multispectral camera in the range of 400-900nm. This unique sensor fusion concept delivers spectral information for each data point and automatically computes a diverse set of validated morphological plant parameters.”

Workshop Applied Biostatistics and Data Analysis in Clinical Research

Two external experts Ana Drozdowskyj (Director of Biostatistics at Pivotal, a software producer located in the USA) and Witold Bauer (Bioinformatician at the University in Bialystok, Poland) were invited to give talks on the ways and possibilities of exploitation of data in clinical research. 

Scientific Facilities Workshop at IST Austria

On the 24th November 2017, a workshop took place at IST Austria in Klosterneuburg, aiming to exchange best practices and foster collaboration between scientific facilities of IST Austria and CEITEC.

Bioinformatic Courses

Up to February 2018 we have organized 11 bioinformatics courses focusing on the practical use of bioinformatics in life sciences research leading to fast and efficient evaluation of research data. New methods and approaches were taught to an audience from academic institutions from the cross-border region, as well as interested industrial customers. All courses were given by Dr. András Aszódi, VBCF.

Date Title Location
22.–23. 02. 2017 R Programmimng Course VBCF
15.–16. 03. 2017 R Statistics Course VBCF
11.–12. 05. 2017 R Linear Methods Course VBCF
17. 08. 2017 Bioinformatics Data Analysis VBCF
14.–15. 09. 2017 R Programmimng Course VBCF
21.–22. 09. 2017 R Statistics Course VBCF
19.–20. 10. 2017 R Statistics Course CEITEC MU
02.–03. 11. 2017 R ANOVA + Linreg Course CEITEC MU
22. 11. 2017 Best Practices in Bioinformatics Data Analysis VBCF
07.–08. 02. 2018 R Programmimng Course VBCF

2nd SC Meeting, 20. 09. 2017

In September 20th, the 2nd meeting of the project Steering Committee was held at CEITEC-MU. Project managers of all partners as well as representatives of scientists discussed important topics related mostly to the project administration, such as the current state of project activities, financial reporting, plan of further activities, project budget etc.

Joint Retreat of Protein Facilities, 09. 10. 2017

In October 09–10th 2017, the collaborating protein facilities (Protein Technologies at VBCF and Biomolecular Interactions and Crystallization at CEITEC-MU) organized joint retreat in Pavlov, CZ, in order to share experiences and knowledge not only between them but also with their frequent users. 

N euroimaging: Mapping the Function and Structure of Brain, 14.–16. 11. 2017

A three-days course focused on human brain mapping including lectures and practical training in several neuroimaging techniques was organized, primarily for master- and PhD students. 

Sta yin’ Alive, 12. 01. 2018

The VBCF facility Advanced Microscopy possess several unique microscopes and is familiar with novel optical imaging techniques. The facility also has an R&D lab that develops novel and custom tailored optical microscopy solutions for specific life science and biomedical research needs. The workshop “Stayin’ alive” provided an insight into the imaging techniques of living samples. Theoretical background and demonstrations of four cutting-edge microscopes for small groups of attendants were organized within the workshop.

M odern Plant Microscopy 16.02.2018

From Robert Hooke’s fateful first expe­riments on cork cells over 350 years ago, optical microscopy of plants is almost an eternity from where it all began.

Celebrating the milestones reached ever since, the “Modern Plant Microscopy” meeting gave center stage to six leading researchers in the field of optical micros­copy and spectroscopy to present their latest findings and how they have helped us gain a deeper insight into the complex processes underlying the biology of plants.